Calling all #vetmed derm lovers!

Let’s join forces and geek out about derm.

It’s hard to geek out about veterinary dermatology alone. You see an interesting derm case and you want to share it, learn from it, and allow others to benefit from it.

If only there was a virtual wonderland where vet med professionals could:

  • Gain confidence in recognizing and treating their derm cases.
  • Bounce ideas and interesting cases off of other awesome veterinary professionals.
  • Continue down the path of constant education in an effort to better serve itchy pets…

Now there IS.

The Derm Nerds community is my labor of love for vet med professionals and the itchy pets they meet every day. We’ll share interesting topics and stories, find value in the cases we see in practice, support one another, and continue learning together.

These are some of the exciting opportunities you’ll have access to:

  • Explore cases together: including diagnostics, treatment plans, and discussion about how we assemble the many pieces of the derm case puzzle.
  • Derm + Drinks: Happy Hour time! Because who doesn’t want to get together (virtually) with like-minded individuals in our field and chat about interesting things we’ve seen with our drink of choice?!
  • Group chats: We’ll get into the nitty gritty about specific topics, cases, articles, etc. Did you find something interesting? Let’s talk about it. I’ll be there to spark conversations too!
  • Continuing Education: Lectures that are RACE approved CE!
  • Assistance: This is a collaboration of brains! Bring your questions about cases along to get guidance from other veterinarians.
  • And MORE!

I recently ran a Beta group of The Derm Nerds so that I could get feedback from participants and fine tune every aspect of the community and make it as valuable as possible.

Here is what some of my original Derm Nerds had to say:

How can you become a Derm Nerd?

  1. Visit the shop to purchase your membership!
  2. Once purchased, check the email inbox of the email address you used.
  3. You will receive an email giving you instructions on how to join the community!

The derm world is an ever-changing place, but with proper support, we can tackle anything thrown our way (and have some fun while doing it). Let’s get nerdy about derm (and, as always, #cytologyeverything!).

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