On episode 94 of The Derm Vet podcast, Laura Dennis joins the podcast. She is the Vice- President of Sales and Marketing for Xoran Technologies. She provided her marketing expertise on ways that you can allow your practice to thrive. For example, if you have innovative technology such as cone beam CT and want to inform clients and other clinics.

So, what are the top three areas clinics can focus marketing effort?

  1. Website: This is the digital storefront for your clinic. It serves as a home base for your clients regarding communication, location, reviews, etc. It provides an opportunity to highlight your staff and show aspects of the clinic interior (treatment room, etc.) that they may not be seen during their visit.
  2. eNewsletter: An often-overlooked form of marketing. This can be a direct way to remind clients of exciting news in your clinic. Since this goes into your customer’s inbox, you can collect data and analyze what forms of marketing are effective (how often emails are opened, etc.).
  3. Social media: Can’t deny it. Social media is here to stay! This can be a fun, personalized way to have an engaging environment with your clients and other clinics. You can show before and after pictures of cases. This especially works well for dermatology patients since lesions are so visible!

Another thing discussed is “audience-focused marketing. You must assure you know the audience you are trying to attract. This can be quite different between clients or other clinics in the field. If you are offering a new procedure or technology, the detail and language used may be different.

For more details and tips, check out episode of 94 of The Derm Vet podcast!