On episode 73 of The Derm Vet podcast, I welcomed Dr. Michele Rosenbaum, VMD, DACVD (Medical Lead for Dermatology at Zoetis) and Cammie Johnson (Senior Marketing Manager for Dermatology at Zoetis). Itchy Pet Awareness Month is in August, and this is the third year!Since Itchy Pet Awareness month has been recognized, there has been an increase in the number of itchy dogs presenting to the veterinary clinic. In 2020, more than 1.73 million itchy dogs visited the veterinary clinic. This is the highest ever for the month of August since Zoetis started tracking Vetstreet data in 2013.1

Zoetis has an entire website (ItchyPetAwarenessMonth.com) dedicated to everything your clinic needs to know to take advantage of this month. It includes customizable Facebook and Instagram posts, a video you can share with clients, and exam room posters.

There is also a website dedicated to educating pet owners about the allergic itch in dogs (IthingforHelp.com). It helps educate on the clinical signs of itch and available treatment options. A quiz is available for owners to see if their dog is showing signs of allergic itch. Another resource you can use for owners (ZoetisPetCare.com) provides veterinarian-approved articles on skin health.

There are over 6 million itchy dogs that have never been to a veterinary clinic!2 Veterinary teams can help get pet owners on the right track from the beginning by being proactive about education on itch through social media or newsletters to clients. So, learn how to use Itchy Pet Awareness month to educate clients on the care you can provide.

Check out this episode of The Derm Vet podcast to learn about different ideas that your veterinary clinic can use to celebrate Itchy Pet Awareness month, such as giveaway contests, social media fundraisers, etc.

This podcast was sponsored by Zoetis. Zoetis is dedicated to changing how we approach canine pruritus to protect the bonds between the pet, the owner, and the veterinary team. Visit ScienceofStrongerBonds.com for more information.


  1. Data on File, Vetstreet/Covetrus Pruritus Projection Trend Report, 2021, Zoetis Inc.
  2. Pruritus Market Opportunity survey conducted by the Harris Poll in October 2020.

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